Sunday, February 28, 2010

Focking 15x3

Waking at 5.30 as usual,dog tired and turns on the focking tv..

(I sleep on the couch mostly every night,mainly because Miss Sandra has restless legs and i snore. She often is baby tired at around 9 every night so she goes in nana and i watch the focking tv or the computer until i pass out at around 11.)

Drinking milk at 6 and then into our bedroom and i crawl up behind her ass and snuggle in her hair and as usual i fall asleep and wake up around 8..

Back on the couch drinking coffe and eating a snickers bar watching the focking tv again.

We go out for a walk some 40 min later.. 6 km on wet slippery roads of asfalt and grawel...focking birds singing everywhere around us..its spring and my legs are sore and stiff after a friday in the gym.

At 12 after our walk and late breakfast containing of 3 slices dark bread,2 focking eggs with butter and a handfull of peanuts, i take the car down to my mom to see how she is doing and picking up some stuff since she is moving soon..

Old little cute mom,she is anemic and is full of artritis but she has a curiosety towards life and is a fighter which i admire..

After some newly baked bread and a cup of coffe i head back home but stop at dads place to se how the older fart is doing.

He is in pretty good shape for his age,a kind man with a glimse in his eyes sometimes that reminds me of a wild child ..

I cut the claws on our old fat Labrador and then heads back home.

Sandra has cleaned the house and done the dishes when i arrive,but the bitch aint home .)

Im back on the focking couch watching the focking tv eating peanuts and musli with milk.. i scratch my hairy balls and think about cutting the focking integrated seatpost on the chinafocking made TT frame again..and i do it and my noose and throat gets filled with carbon dust.

Miss S comes home and i get my fat ass up on the bike and trainer..

I had planned a 40 min TT around 350 w but my legs are sore so i finish at 15 min and pedal easy for 5 min.Then i try 340 w and i go 15 min again...i feel weak and i feel gay so i stop pedaling and goes into the shower and get some ice cold water on my head.

Back on the focking bike i pedal easy for 5 min and then i try 360w which works ok for 4 min,then back to 340 w for 5 min then 370 w for 2 min and then 390w the last 3 min and my heartrate tops at 179...

A good workout after all...

A shower and after that a very tasty meal my beatiful girl has made..

Now im back on the focking couch again in front of the focking computer while the focking tv also is on